Month: July 2018

Billing and Rebate

How you are billed for using TextDirect This section has been produced to help you understand how your calls are billed when using your telephone/textphone and mobile phone with TextDirect and Typetalk. Do I have to be a BT customer to use TextDirect and Typetalk? No — all telephone service providers should give you access [Continue]

Text to Text only service

The ‘Text to Text only service’ from TextDirect and Typetalk is a service for textphone users who are certain they are calling another textphone user. This service guarantees a Typetalk Operator will not be involved with the call, even if one is required.   By using the Text to Text only service you still receive [Continue]

International Calls

If you would like to contact someone abroad you can do so by inserting the TextDirect prefix number 18001 or 18002 in front of the number you are calling. This will bring a Typetalk operator into the call if they are needed.   From abroad   If you would like to contact someone in the [Continue]

Emergency 18000

This is the only number you need to dial to get through to the following services:   Police Fire service Ambulance Coast Guard When you dial 18000 you will get straight through to an Emergency Services Operator. A Typetalk Operator will be brought into the call as soon as the Emergency Services Operator answers your [Continue]

What is Relay Assist?

Relay Assist was designed for people who may require help with their calls. For example, if you dial a number and you are unsure if the call has connected or not, by using Relay Assist the Typetalk Relay Operator will be able to tell you what is happening with the call.   Calls using Relay [Continue]

Typetalk Relay and TextDirect

TextDirect supports the needs of the UK textphone users by displaying ‘rigning’ and ‘busy’ as a text message providing access to Typetalk, connecting different textphones together and allowing telephone companies to provide a text rebate. Typetalk was introduced in 1991, since then over 21 million calls have been made from Textphone users to hearing people. [Continue]