Billing and Rebate

How you are billed for using TextDirect

This section has been produced to help you understand how your calls are billed when using your telephone/textphone and mobile phone with TextDirect and Typetalk.

Do I have to be a BT customer to use TextDirect and Typetalk?

No — all telephone service providers should give you access to the TextDirect service or a similar system. Always check with the telephone service provider to ensure they give access to TextDirect and offer rebate for text calls before making the decision to sign up with them.

Am I charged extra for using TextDirect or the Typetalk Operator?

No — calls through Typetalk and TextDirect will not cost any more than you would normally be charged for making that call. Although you pay for the call that you make the use of the Typetalk Operator and TextDirect is free, unless you use our specially assisted service called Relay Assist when you will be charged for the time spent speaking with the Operator. Contact the Customer Service Team for more information.

Who will send me a bill for using TextDirect and Typetalk?

You will receive a telephone bill from your telephone service provider such as BT or Telewest. If you use any of the prefix numbers 18001, 18002 or 180015 before the telephone number of the person you are calling this will appear on your bill. Some telephone service providers may itemise calls made through TextDirect and others may put these calls into a separate section so that you can see how much you have spent in total on TextDirect calls. The layout of your bill will depend entirely on your service provider.

What rebate or discounts can I claim?

When you use the prefix 18001, 18002 or 180015 customers of BT will automatically receive up to 60% rebate on the part of the call where one person was in text to a geographical number or an 0845 number. This will be deducted from your bill and the figure you see on your bill will be the rebated total.

With BT there is no limit to the amount of rebate you can receive, so the more calls you make with 18001 and 18002 the more rebate you receive.

Other telephone service providers may offer a different rebate or discount scheme or even none at all. We strongly recommend that you speak to your telephone service provider about their charges for textphone calls.

Users of mobile phones may also receive varying rates of discount or rebate depending on which mobile network you are with and which package you are on.

If you use a speech synthesiser, please contact the Customer Service Team for more information.

Can I claim text rebate as well as other discounts such as BT’s Friends and Family?

Yes — BT offer a wide range of discount packages and you are able to sign up to many of them as well as receiving your text rebate. For further information on multiple discount packages please contact your telephone service provider for more information.

Will I receive a rebate for international calls?

No — when you make an international call the charging is different to that of a standard UK call as the charge goes through a third party, therefore there is no rebate on this call.

Will I receive rebate on my text calls if I do not use the 18001 prefix?

No — if you do not use the prefix numbers the telephone system will not know that you are using a textphone and therefore will not apply any rebates you may be entitled to. Even if you are calling another textphone you should always use the 18001 or 180015 prefix to receive your text rebate.

Can I use 18001, 180015 and 18002 from work?

Yes — as long as the company’s telephone system will allow you to use the 18001, 180015 and 18002 prefix numbers. Many switchboards require you to dial 9 or 0 before you can make your call and some even block calls where the telephone number begins with 1. If this is the case, speak to the Telecoms Manager within your company for further advice.

Who do I call if I have a query with something on my telephone bill?

Please call your telephone service provider. Typetalk Customer Service Team do not have access to your telephone records and will not be able to help with specific items on your bill. You should be able to find a Customer Service number for your provider on the bill itself.

How much will it cost if I use my mobile phone to make a call via TextDirect?

Calls from a mobile phone may vary in price depending on your mobile phone company’s terms and conditions. Contact your mobile service provider for further information.

Do I get a rebate if I call a mobile phone from a fixed line?

Yes — calls via 18001, 180015 and 18002 to UK mobile telephone numbers will attract a 20% rebate.

Do I get a rebate on premium and national rate calls such as 087x numbers?

No — calls that are charged through a third party or where a fixed fee is applicable, Directory Enquiries for example, are not eligible for rebate.