Text to Text only service

The ‘Text to Text only service’ from TextDirect and Typetalk is a service for textphone users who are certain they are calling another textphone user. This service guarantees a Typetalk Operator will not be involved with the call, even if one is required.


By using the Text to Text only service you still receive all the benefits the TextDirect system has to offer, including:

  • Service messages in text, informing you if the line is engaged, unobtainable or ringing.
  • Up to 60% rebate on your call, if one is applicable. Please check with your telephone service provider for details of text rebates available.
  • 24 hour access, including Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
  • Full technical support from our friendly team of Customer Service Advisors by calling the numbers below.

All you need to do is dial 180015 followed by the full textphone number of the person you wish to call, for example 1800150800 500 888. Once the call is answered in text you may begin your conversation knowing a Typetalk Operator will not be connected to your call.